Gaggia Besana, an extremely easy-to-use automatic espresso machine, 100% Made in Italy, practical and compact.

Gaggia Besana, a simple but functional coffee machine

Gaggia Besana is a Made in Italy product, synonymous with a guarantee of the highest quality and an inexhaustible passion for the art of preparing espresso coffee.

In addition to coffee-flavored beverages, it is possible to prepare excellent cappuccinos thanks to the classic pannarello function that can dispense steam to obtain a creamy milk froth.

The coffee grinding function, thanks to the grinders made entirely of ceramic, ensures the purest essence from the coffee beans and prevents them from overheating or burning.

Gaggia welcomes its new entry: Gaggia Besana, an extremely easy-to-use automatic espresso machine, practical and compact.

100% Made in Italy, it encloses all our love for the espresso in a smart and functional design with smooth and soft lines. The intuitive interface with buttons and central knob makes it easier to prepare a great espresso or coffee, and it is even possible to memorize the in-cup length for the next uses. Moreover, with the classic pannarello, you can make the creamiest milk froth or dispense hot water for teas and infusions.

  • Classic pannarello: the same approach of the traditional barista with the classic pannarello that delivers steam to froth milk or hot water for teas.
  • 100% ceramic adjustable grinders: the long lasting 100% ceramic grinders extract the purest essence from coffee beans, preventing overheating and burning. This material guarantees long-lasting performances, silence and the best in-cup result. Select among 5 options to customize your espresso, from the finest grind for a strong taste, to the coarsest for a lighter coffee.
  • Memo function Customize and memorize the length of your espresso and coffee simply by keeping selected the button for a few seconds.
  • Auto-cleaning and descaling alert to ensure a longer product life and the best results anytime, the machine activates an automatic rinsing cycle of the coffee circuit when you turn it on, or when it automatically shuts off. Moreover, it alerts you when it’s time to descale.
  • Compact design: compact and versatile design with an easy and intuitive interface. All compartments are directly accessible for maximum convenience – whether that’s refilling with water or ground coffee or emptying the filters or the drip tray.
  • Removable brew group: the heart of the machine, it doses and tamps the right amount of ground coffee for all your espressos. It allows a thorough cleaning of the machine as it is removable and can be washed under the tap and re-inserted easily at its place.
  • Quick heat boiler: the Quick Heat boiler ensures hot beverages from the first cup without the waiting. Its secret lies in its body made in light aluminum and stainless steel, which can reach hot temperatures fast.
    Customize your drink with Gaggia Besana

    Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, Gaggia Besana allows you to customize and program the length of your espresso and coffee simply by holding down the corresponding button for a few seconds. Gaggia Besana also allows you to choose between 5 degrees of grinding to personalize your espresso, from the finest for a stronger taste, to the coarser one for a lighter coffee.

    A compact and maintenance-friendly design

    Gaggia Besana has a compact design that does not take up space in the kitchen. All components are directly accessible to guarantee maximum practicality for filling water and beans and emptying the bottoms and the drip tray. The removable brew group is easily removable to allow deep cleaning.

    To ensure longer product life and better results in the cup, the coffee machine performs an automatic rinse cycle each time it is turned on and off. Gaggia Besana notifies when it is time to proceed with the decalcification.

Product dimensions 29,5 x 32,5 x 42cm
Coffee bean capacity 180 gr
Waste container capacity 8 servings
Water tank capacity 1 L
Product Weight 7 KG
Boiler abs/stainless steel
Power Supply 230V 50HZ 1400W
Energy Consumption Stand-By < 1W
Pump pressure 15 bar
Pannarello Stainless Steel
Boiler Stainless Steel
Grease Tube Yes
Grinder Yes
Adjustement Key Yes
Materials and finishing abs/stainless steel
Color Black
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