Hurom HW Commercial Slow Juicer


Key Features

  • Slow 60 RPM motor with quiet operation
  • 1-litre capacity juicing chamber
  • Runtime of up to 8 hours (30 minutes continuously with 15 minutes cool down time)
  • 3 complete juicing component sets
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to assemble
  • BPA free materials


The HW is a premium commercial juicer produced Hurom, one of the leading brands in juicer development. It has a heavy duty build that bears many similarities to the HZ in terms of appearance. However, the HW brings a lot more to the table than its sibling and boasts features such as a doubled juicing capacity, multiple juicing sets and the ability to be used for up to 8 hours (30 minutes continuously with 15 minutes cool down time). This all combines into a solid package that will thrive in any commercial juicing environment.

Commercial Excellence

The Hurom HW is a juicer that has been well optimised for its purpose, and this is very apparent when you look at what you get in the box. In total, there are 3 separate sets of juicing components (bowl, hopper, screen and augur), which can be quickly swapped out when a new type of juice needs to be made. This means that time isn’t wasted on washing parts between juice batches, keeping production speeds up. Having 3 sets is especially impressive when compared to the competition, as typically only 2 full sets are included in commercial models, which has been the standard amount until this point.

The HW is also leading the way with juice yields, and its augur turns at just 60 RPM. Having a slower speed allows ingredients to get more contact with the augur and screen, allowing more juice to be pressed out in the same amount of time. Furthermore, the HW has larger juicing parts than a standard model and as a result, its augur and screen are 1.25 times longer, providing a larger surface area for interaction with ingredients.

Specifically designed for commercial use, the Hurom HW Series (H22) brings Cold Press Juicing to any small business or commercial operation. Comprising a heavy duty design with twice the chamber capacity, 3 complete top sections, transparent hopper and up to an 14-16 hour of run time, the Hurom HW Series enables any small business to offer their customers Best Cold Pressed Juices and the associated health benefits.

Built to Last

This juicer is made of strong and premium materials, helping it to survive in a tough commercial environment. The casing of the HW is made of brushed stainless-steel, which is both strong and highly scratch resistant. This makes it tough the damage it in any meaningful way. The juicing components themselves are made of BPA free plastics to remove the risk of chemical leeching and key components such as the augur and screen are made of GE Ultem, a durable plastic that is rated as being 8 times stronger than average ABS materials.

Clog Resistant

The HW is unlike any other commercial juicer you’d find in the market currently and this is due to its standard size feed chute. Other competitor models, namely the Kuvings CS600 and the Sana 909, all have wide feed designs to decrease preparation times. Now, the wide feed chute has its advantages, but too often it gets abused and overfilled, causing clogs and juicing failures. So, in a wise choice to avoid this issue, Hurom have cut down the size of the chute to prevent overloading. Some people feel this cuts down on its capability, but we feel it’s a smart move to increase reliability and honestly, it can cope much better with tougher ingredients as a result.


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