HydroPlus® Water Pitcher NP2290


HydroPlus® Water Pitcher NP2290 is novita’s first ever water pitcher collection that comes in a captivating prism of individual colours together with matching cups! It is the object to look out for with its 3-step filtration process which ensures quality water. Together with 4 rewarding HydroPlus® properties – alkaline water, hydrogen water, hydrating water and oxygenizing water, indulge in an enriching drinking experience! Turn on your tap, fill the pitcher with water, and get quality water with minimal time, effort and electricity. Be enchanted by the difference in one simple step

Key Features

  • The filter is enhanced with NSF certified advanced ultra-hollow membrane and together with 4 rewarding HydroPlus properties – alkaline antioxidant water, smaller water molecule cluster size and energy water, indulge in an enriching drinking experience today.
  • Make the best out of the time saved with Novita NP-2290 which provides fresh, quality water in a single simple step.
  • Being small, compact and handy, the Novita NP-2290 takes up minimal space in the kitchen, paving way for more space in your kitchen.
  • NP-2290 offers a cheaper alternative to costly bottled water with both providing fresh, clean and quality water.
  • Through the Instant Fill Lid, allow in flowing tap water to go through comprehensive filtration and become quality drinking water.
  • Filter Lifespan Indicator will assist to keep track of your usage to ensure timely filter replacement.
  • This water pitcher is stylish with it’s muted see-through black design, yet not losing its class with the striking streak of color on the handle.
Portable Water Purifier & Water Pitcher

Novita HydroPlus® Portable Purifier & Pitcher units are non-electrical and use the natural gravitational process to facilitate the purification of water. Quality-driven, these units not only remove impurities in the waterbut also enhance the water with HydroPlus® elements to provide Alkaline Antioxidant Water and energy water of smaller water molecule cluster size. Effectively portable, these stand- alone units can be used both indoors and outdoors depending on your individual needs.

Product details of novita HydroPlus® Water Pitcher NP2290 Bundle Deal
  • 3-Step Filtration
  • Filter Lifespan Indicator
  • Instant Fill Lid
  • Lean Fit
  • Fast flow rate of±3 min/500 ml of HydroPlus®Alkaline Antioxidant Water


With no piping and electrical connection required, there is no restriction on where you can place the unit.


Easy to use and convenient, novita water pitchers and purifiers work without the need of complex setup or installation. Simply fill with water and allow it to filter through for fresh filtered water.


Operating cost is kept low when units do not run on electricity. At the same time, you enjoy fresh quality water without spending on expensive bottled water.

The Five Rewarding Qualities of HydroPlus® Alkaline Antioxidant Water


By neutralising acidic wastes that build up in the body over time to promote pH balance in the body.


With antioxidant properties to counteract and slow down oxidation damages caused by free radicals attack.


With smaller water molecule cluster size for better penetration of water molecules into the cells to deliver nutrients and oxygen and also discharge wastes and toxins out of the body.


For increased blood circulation and enhanced body metabolism. Body is thus recharged with more energy and vigor.


By flushing out acidic wastes and toxins out of the body readily. Body is more at ease with enhanced internal cleansing.

How does novita Portable Water Purifier & Pitcher work?

water pitcher & purifier image 9

Brand Novita
Model NP-2290
Product Type Water Pitcher
Weight (kg) 0.62
Product Height (cm) 27.2cm
Product Width (cm) 26.5cm
Product Depth (cm) 9.2cm