NOVITA Eye & Massager EM200

  • ir pressure technology
  • vibaration massage
  • carbon fibre far infrared heat therapy
  • magnetic field
  • 7 operation / music therapy / programmable timer / 2 gb memory /ergonomic design
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Product description

Designed to offer sheer relaxation for your eyes and relieve tension around your temples, novita M series Eye & Temple Massager EM200 comes with a curvature structure and adjustable strap to provide flexibility for various head sizes. Choose among the 7 different operating modes and personalize your own massage experience with your choice of intensity level for optimum relief. Equipped with strategically positioned air bags to target acupressure points and carbon fibre far infrared heat therapy, ease the strain in your eye and temple muscles to feel completely recharged. Combined with the embedded magnetic field, it further enhances overall wellness by promoting the restoration of cellular balance. Its programmable timer allows you to control the duration as you please and you can even upload your favourite music to indulge in ultimate relaxation. Now with novita M series Eye & Temple Massager EM200, you can feel well-rested and rejuvenated anytime of the day!