OSIM uDIVA2 Smart Sofa Full Body Massager For Home with 8 Modes

  • Versatile in nature: udiva full body massage chair allows you to choose from 8 different modes for relaxing the muscles of the whole body
  • Hybrid power-ball massage technology: udiva body luxury massage chair comes with hybrid power ball massage therapy that reduces stiffness and relaxes all the muscles of head, back and shoulders
  • Convertible footrest: udiva recliner chair with massager has a convertible footrest that allows you to transform it into a sofa, leg massager And ottoman modes
  • Hyper-power foot massage technology: udiva full body sofa massager helps to ease deep-seated aches for your tired calves, ankles and feet

8 Modes lifestyle enjoyment with multiple versatile modes


The uDiva Full Body Massage Chair comes equipped with various massage movements with the state-of-the-art engineering ingenuity to create the closest facsimile to a professional massage therapist at your home itself.

Recliner Massage Chair For Pain Relief

Osim’s uDiva recliner massage chair provides optimal enhancement of wellness and natural healing through expertly guided stimulation of the pressure points.

Back Massage With Inbuilt Rollers

After a hard day’s work dispel back aches with a blissful back massage while you catch up on your social media updates.

Massage Chair With Ottoman

Osim’s uDiva massage chair comes with an ottoman which gives you a full body massage. Work at ease, sans the back aches with a soothing back massage. Complete with an ottoman, helps to sapport and promote a better posture.

Leg And Foot Massager Chair

It comes with a hyper power foot massage technology which helps in relaxing the calve muscles and foot muscles. Due to the massage technology, tensed muscles get relaxed leaving you energised.

Neck And Shoulder Massage

With this massage chair’s inbuilt features, your neck and shoulder muscles get relaxed as it gives you a deep tissue relief.

Adjustable Roller Position

uDiva comes with an asjustable roller position technology which helps to target specific pain point and aching spots.

Varied Massage Techniques

Knead, roll, tap and dual massage techniques have been professionally crafted to offer you a unique and desirable massage experience.

Independently controlled backrest with innovative massage technology

Versatile Backrest For Greater Comfort
Transform between sofa, upright and reclined modes.

Hybrid Power-Ball Massage Technology

Head & Shoulders

The power-ball pushes down firmly on the head, neck and shoulders to undo knots and relieve tension.

Upper Back

The massage roller and power-ball move in tandem along your spine to relax stif muscles and relieve back aches.


The massage roller provides an effective massage, at the lower back stiffness.

Independently controlled footrest with novative massage technology

Convertible footrest for greater versatility
Transform between sofa, leg massage and ottoman modes.

Hyper-Power Foot Massage Technology

Help to ease deep-seated aches for your tired calves, ankles and feet.

  1. Powerful squeeze-and-knead massage that relieves tension and promotes circulation
  2. Roller reflexology
  3. Vibration Massage

Independently controlled footrest with novative massage technology

Head & Shoulders (All-time favorite)

A daily must – it soothes aches & tension from your head & shoulders.


A strong massage to relieve lower back tension for a healthier back.

Happy Hour (Working crowd’s favorite)

An after-work treat that specifically targets the common pain-points of head, shoulders and lumbar.

Spa (Ladies favorite)

A full-body pampering massage designed to tone and firm for a shapelier silhouette.

Sports Recovery

A revitalizing massage that aims to promote relaxation and recovery of muscles used in sports.


A deep, invigorating massage to stimulate and charge up your mind and body.