Product description

The Samsung POWERstick VS6000 Easy Reach is a versatile upright vacuum cleaner. In addition to cleaning the floors and the furniture, you can use this vacuum to clean bookshelves, and stairs. You can start with the floors. The turbo brush effortlessly removes embedded dirt from carpet and also works well on hard flooring. When the floors are clean, remove the handheld vacuum and clean the places you previously couldn’t reach with the wide suction brush. The crumb vacuum has an extra long crevice tool which is handy for removing cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling. The battery lasts 30 minutes and then takes 3 hours to recharge for the next cleaning.


Pros and cons

According to our vacuum expert
  • Pros:
    With the extra-long crevice tool, you’ll be able to reach places which you’d normally have trouble reaching.
  • Pros:
    Very versatile, thanks to the detachable handheld vacuum.
  • Pros:
    The rotating brushes make it suitable for pet hairs.
  • Con:
    With its noise level of 83 decibels, this stick vacuum makes a lot of noise.
    Go Faster, Be Stronger
    2x more powerful Suction Power for a thorough cleaning
    Delivers suction power of 20 airwatts which is 2 times stronger than conventional models*, so it powerfully picks up dirt and hair, giving you a more efficient and thorough clean in a shorter time.
    * Based on internal testing compared to the conventional Samsung VC-LSS94 in accordance with the IEC testing method.
    Dispose In One Pull
    EZClean Dustbin & Brush (EZClean Technology)
    Never get your hands dirty when disposing with the EZClean Technology. The clever design lets you hygienically remove dust or debris, including long hairs, that may be trapped in the dustbin or rotating brush. To empty the EZClean Dustbin, simply pull a lever and tip out the contents. EZClean Brush easily pulls out the brush against the brush holder to quickly remove any dirt or tangled hair.
    Steer Smoothly Anywhere, Anytime
    Easy Handling and Agile Turning for an Extra Easy Movement
    An Easy Handling design lets you move comfortably and clean easily with little effort. The 180 degree Swivel Brush can turn swiftly around corners and reach under furniture easily. The big wheels design ensures a smoother and more stable motion over any surface, as they roll steadily with minimal effort.
    2-in-1 handheld for flexible cleaning
    Works as 2 vacuums in 1 to clean however and wherever you want. As a stick, it is to ideal to clean large floor areas, but it can become a handheld simply by lifting off the detachable cleaning pod. With a handheld, it is much lighter and easier to move around.
    Removable External Power Pack Battery
    18V Long lasting battery up to 40min
    With a removable 18V lithium ion battery design, one charge gives 40min of usage time. Battery indicator on the vacuum stick allows you to check the battery level. Also, with a dedicated charger, you can charge at a convenient place that takes up little space.
    Leave it standing upright anywhere for a quick clean anytime
    A convenient self-standing design means it can stay upright on its own without being in a cradle or lean against the wall or furniture. It provides the convenience for a quick cleaning by leaving it at a corner of your living room or the laundry yard.
    Clean Crevices And Corners With Ease
    Built-in Accessories
    With the attached 2-in-1 design tool, this accessory has a crevice tool and a brush tool that allows cleaning the gaps between the sofas and windowsill. This tool can be attached to the handheld for a quick use.
    Durable & easy to clean washable filter
    Durable & Washable Filter
    A durable and washable sponge type foam filter captures dust and can be easily cleaned by hand with water. So it’s easy to maintain the optimum cleaning performance, as a quick rinse is all it takes to prevent the filter from clogging, which ensures powerful suction that lasts – and great results*.
    * Based on internal testing. Regular filter washing is required for optimal performance. Refer to the user guide for details.
    Slim and lightweight Design
    With a slim and lightweight design, It is simple to control and move when you’re cleaning and can be easily stored, even in a narrow space. Weighing just 2.7kg, it takes much less effort to drag and maneuver it around the home. Its slim body also ensures that it can fit into much smaller storage areas.


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