SAREGAMA Carvaan Mini Kids – Chhota Bheem 5 W Bluetooth Speaker


Saregama Carvaan Mini Kids English & Hindi- Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker, 80 classic rhymes, 300 famous stories, 15 phonetic learning content, supports Bluetooth, USB, Aux in ( Baby blue)

Key Features
  • 80 Classic Rhymes in Hindi and English
  • 300 Most Famous Kid’s Stories in Hindi and English
  • 15 Phonetic Based Learning Content
  • 30 Mantras and Devotional Songs
  • Bluetooth, USB Support
  • Loop Button to Play any Favourite Story, Rhyme, Mantra in Repeat Mode
  • 3.5 mm Audio Jack for Connecting External Speakers/ Headphones
  • Aux-In Port For Plugging in Phones and Other Devices
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Product Description

Too much of screen time? Same old gifts for children? Kids always complaining of getting bored? Endless cartoon times?

We have a solution to all such similar problems. Saregama brings Carvaan Mini Kids – Chhota Bheem. If your child is a Chhota Bheem fan , this one is going to be perfect gift for him/ her. It is a portable audio player especially designed for kids aged between 2-10 years which comes pre-loaded with Stories, Rhymes, Learning topics and Mantras. It is compact, portable, light weight, child safe and easy to use that it needs no assistance from elders or parents to operate. When you want to switch from Stories to Rhymes or Learnings to Mantra, Bheem, Chutki and other Chotta Bheem character’s attention catching and cute voice will make an announcement at the time of changing the mode.

It does not require internet to play and there are no ad breaks to interrupt your child’s listening experience. The player is designed in a way that every child can independently operate and listen to favourite rhymes, stories or learn phonetics, alphabets, numbers or tables. Chutki, Bheem and all the other Chhota Bheem characters will ease your struggle to teach your child Gayatri mantra or Sai mantra or any other mantra. The dedicated mode for mantras will help the child start learning from an early age.

Carvaan Mini Kids

Chhota Bheem special edition is a complete package for your child’s educational and playtime needs. It has 4 dedicated modes – Rhymes, Stories, Learning and Mantras. This helps in easy selection as per your child’s mood and need.


The Rhymes mode has 80 classic English and Hindi rhymes like Humpty Dumpty, Mary had a Little Lamb, Ringa Ringa Roses, Jack and Jill, Twinkle Twinkle, Chanda Mama Aao Naa, Lakdi ki Kaathi, Akad, Bakad Bambe Bo and many more to make your kid learn from.


Children often imagine better when they are listening rather than watching something. Give wings to your child’s imagination, simply play stories and let your child think, visualize and enter a whole different world of stories. This mode has 300 stories in English and Hindi like Panchtantra, Akbar and Birbal, Fairy Tales, Mythology, Lord Ganesha and many more.


It helps your child learn Phonetics, Days of the week, Months of a Year, Numbers, Tables, etc. with its 15 pre-loaded and curated content library.


It has 33 mantras and devotional songs like Om Shanti mantra, Gayatri mantra, Hanuman Chalisa, Sai Dhun and more for your child to sing along and learn.

There is a special feature called Loop. Whatever your child likes to hear again and again, press the loop button given on top and it starts playing in repeat mode.

It charges with a Type C charger and has a battery backup of 4 hours. So just charge once and hand it over to the child to play around without worrying about charging it repeatedly.

And the other added features like Bluetooth, USB, and Aux In/ Out make it equally attractive for the parents too! So if you are lucky and your child lets you use it for some time, you can play your music too on these awesome speakers! It comes with 6 months warranty.

So take a first step towards gifting him his favourite character – Chhota Bheem and reducing screen time without compromising on learning. Gift them a Carvaan Mini Kids – Chhota Bheem.