Sony Reon pocket 4 wearable thermal device with kit -sensing device

  • New Smart Tag Control
  • Cool or Warm Mode
  • Splash & Sweat Resistant
  • 4 Temperature Levels
  • Neckband Included
  • Mobile App*
Type Wearable Thermo Device
Model Reon Pocket 4 (RNP-4)
Box Contents Wearable Thermo Device, Pocket Tag, Neckband
Operating Temperature Range 5℃-40℃
Sensors 5 (Motion, Humidity and Temperature)
Control Auto ON/OFF Based on Movement, Bluetooth Smart Tag, Smartphone App for iOS 13 or later / Android™ 8 or later
NOTE: iOS app requires a Japanese App Store ID
(Step by Step Instructions Included)
Connectivity Bluetooth® 5.0 Low Energy
Power Input Method USB Type-C
Battery Type Li-Ion (Rechargeable)
Size & Weight Approx. 5.5 × 11.7 × 2.3cm / 109g (without neckband)
Origin Made in Japan

The Sony REON POCKET 4 Wearable Thermo Device is the newest and upgraded (4th Generation) of the original Reon Pocket Wearable Thermo Device (Cool & Warm) for outdoor or indoor use in any season.

In addition to all improvements of the 3rd generation, this new generation brings a myriad of improvements and innovations: new REON POCKET TAG to automatically or manually control the Reon Pocket without using mobile apps, improved battery life, improved sensors to detect motion and temperature, and an improved body heat absorption.

The new REON POCKET 4 improved its maximum battery capacity to double compared with the previous version. It offers up to 2x the battery life thanks to increased battery capacity, and can be used for approximately 7 hours at COOL level 3.

The new REON POCKET TAG (included) is a small wearable device with built-in sensors that automatically detect the temperature and humidity of the environment around you to control the REON POCKET device in a smarter way.

The REON POCKET 4 also has an automatic temperature adjustment function with sensor technology. The SMART COOL, MY MODE and AUTO modes allow you to set different temperatures based on movement (running, walking, sitting) or based on the body temperature detected by the sensor.

The AUTO START/STOP function allows you to start and stop the device automatically without the mobile app or having a smartphone around. The device automatically starts cooling/warming when you place it at the base of your neck, and the device automatically stops when removed and placed on a table for example.

Controlled via its Bluetooth Smart Tag or using the mobile app* for iOS and Android, the Reon Pocket can be adjusted to keep you cool during the summer or warm during the winter with its dual WARM & COLD mode that makes it useful all-year-round.

With additional temperature control modes and an upgraded battery, the new Reon 4 features a SUS316L stainless steel contact pad that directly draws heat from your skin and transfers cooler temperatures more easily to the skin.

It now comes with a neckband suitable for those with a neck circumference of 34 to 46 cm. Besides the neckband, you can also use the Reon Pocket with the special Sony Reon T-Shirts (sold separately).

Charged via USB-C plug, the new Reon Pocket 4 is sweat resistant so that it can also be worn during various forms of light exercise and outdoor activities.

*Note: Smartphone app for iOS requires a Japanese App Store ID (Step by Step download instructions are included in all orders, but support or technical assistance cannot be provided)