Bang & Olufsen Beosound Edge Multiroom Wireless Speaker

  • Made for movement motion-activated the home speaker lights up when approached and fades to black when you’re done Control the volume of your music by rolling the circular speaker back and forth
  • Directional sound choose to listen from the left right or both sides for True 360 sound The patented active bass port allows for ultra-powerful sound in a compact minimalist speaker body
  • Multirotor connectivity create a home-wide music system with Bellion Multirotor Use This wireless speaker to stream your favorite sounds with Airplay 2 Chromecast or Bluetooth Audio streaming
  • Impressive Aluminum The perfectly circular Aluminum sheet is enhanced with a thin Ceramic coating for scratch protection Delicate laser drilling allows the illuminated controls to shine through
  • What’s included replicate the perfectly balanced look of a standing coin with the included floor base (wall bracket sold separately) beosound edge also comes with black fabric speaker covers
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Sound Revolution

Discreet in design, yet unforgettable in performance. Beosound Edge is a unique speaker and minimalist design object, delivering powerful and dynamic audio to your home. It is more than a piece of audio equipment—it is a work of art and a conversation-starter. It is a speaker that feels your presence, utilizing human-centric technology that evokes an emotional and physical response. Let clarity of sound, elegance of form and magical interaction inspire your imagination.

Impressive Functionality, Powerful Sound

“A speaker that feels your presence Beosound edge is far from your traditional sound system. Built with revolutionary technology and a striking contemporary design, this speaker is a statement piece. It starts conversations based on its appearance, and continues to impress with its sound and controls. Rolling volume control lets you physically roll the circular speaker back and forth to adjust volume levels. Be sound edge also acknowledges the force in which you roll it, adjusting the volume moderately with a gentle touch and dramatically with more force. The wireless Bluetooth speaker is also motion activated, coming to life when you approach It. Directional sound and multi room connectivity direct your music to the right or left for an intimate listening experience, or use both sides at once for True 360 Bang & Olsen sound that fills a room. Equipped with bobolink multi room functionality, This wireless speaker can connect to other Bang & Olsen speakers in the home to create a seamless listening experience from room to room. Be sound edge is Wi-Fi enabled and ready to stream your favorite music via airplay 2, chrome cast or Bluetooth audio streaming. Minimalist design acclaimed lighting designer Michael Anastassiades created Resound Edge’s perfectly circular design based on the elegance of a British pound balancing perfectly on its side. Stable and gravity-defying, the Beosound edge is meant to evoke an emotional and physical response in its listeners whether positioned on its floor base (included) or wall mount (sold separately). Anastassiades continuously removed superfluous elements from his original design, distilling the idea down to what Beosound edge is today pure, simple yet incredibly mesmerizing piece of art. Technical Features Beosound edge boasts an Aluminum body, five powerful speaker drivers, six power amplifiers and a patented active bass port never before seen. “

Signature Sound

Beosound Edge delivers the same big Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound B&O fans are used to hearing

Purposeful Design

The intention of designer was to create a piece that represented the elegance and improbability.

Material Creativity

We use superior quality aluminum crafted in the most advanced anodizing facilities.