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  • It looks like a tall travel mug. And well, it kind of is. Except, the Wacaco Pipamoka is also a full-fledged coffee brewer that allows you to make a delicious cup of coffee without the need for a proper kitchen appliance.

    We know, it’s hardly the first travel coffee maker, with a number of products out there already allowing you to brew coffee on the road. This one, though, claims to produce a consistently clean and full-flavored cup every time, which should, at the very least, make it worth a close look.

    The Wacaco Pipamoka consists of a travel mug, a water chamber insert that fits inside that mug, and a coffee basket with a reusable metal filter that goes inside the water chamber. To use, simply fill the basket with coffee grounds, drop it inside the chamber insert, fill the chamber with hot water, and place it into the mug. After that, twist the grooved ring (the orange one) on the mug’s opening in order to create vacuum pressure that will draw all the water down through the grounds. As the water drips out of the basket, it falls into the mug, collecting at the bottom and slowly pushing the water chamber back up. You’ll know the brewing is over once the water chamber has emptied and fully risen, a process they claim takes no more than two minutes.

    It’s designed to brew 8 fl. oz. of coffee at a time, so you can enjoy a decent-sized serving anywhere you are, provided you have access to hot water, while the included coffee basket can fit around 3.5 tablespoons of coffee grounds, so you can make your coffee as strong or as light as you want it to be. The mug, by the way, can actually fit a little over 10 fl. oz. of beverage, so you can add milk or whatever else you want in the coffee without overfilling it.

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    • COMPACT & FEATHERWEIGHT – Whether you’re going away for few hours or few weeks, space and weight are major factors when selecting your travel equipment. Minipresso has been designed to be the smallest, lightest and most versatile handheld espresso machine
    • INNOVATIVE & POWERFUL – Minipresso’s ease of use is derived from it’s innovative design. With the help of the semi-automatic piston, small quantities of water are injected into the coffee adapter. After a few pushes, the optimal extraction pressure is achieved and a rich and bold espresso is extracted
    • CONVENIENT & EVOLUTIVE – Minipresso doesn’t require compressed air, N2O cartridges or electricity for its operation. Hand operated, you are free to prepare coffee drinks that you love. Water tanks of different capacities are available so you can enjoy multiple espresso types, ranging from ristretto to caffè lungo
    • EFFICIENT & EASY TO USE – Besides being aesthetically pleasant with its modern and slick design, Minipresso contains an ingenious core, the semi-automatic piston. Unlock it from its carrying position and press it at will to control the amount of extracted coffee
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