• Cleaning just got a whole lot easier with this handheld vacuum and mattress cleaner.
  • The unique dust sensors power the dust indicator light, letting you know how much dust is on the surface area.
  • The warm air blows reduce the humidity, it is easier to kill dust mites and inhibit the breeding
  • Watch this mattress vacuum cleaner go from red to green as the area becomes cleaner.
  • Lightweight 1.6kg, this cleaner is easy to use and move around.
  • The extra-long cord of the makes it easy to reach those hard to access area.
  • The combination of two unique cyclone airflows can effectively absorb dust mites without worrying about fabric damage.
  • Great for mattresses, couches, and more.
  • A powerful agitator shakes dust and dust mites loose from mattresses while Cyclone Stream technology picks up agitated particles and suctions them into the canister.
  • Approximately 7000 beats per minute and warm air function to reduce indoor humidity and reduce dust mite production
  • Allergens are captured inside a washable, reusable filter, included with the IRIS vacuum cleaner.
  • Thorough purification through the allergen filter made in Japan, double filtration, exhaust clean air and eliminate secondary air pollution.


Technical Specs

  • Dimensions When using: 295 mm width × depth 482 mm × height 200 mm
  • Weight: about 1.6 kg (including power cord)
  • Power supply: AC 220-240 V (50/60 Hz)
  • Power consumption: 400 W
  • Power cord length 4 meter
  • Dust collection capacity: 0.2 L
  • Number of vibrations: (beating) about 7,000 times per minute
  • set content: ● Vacuum cleaner body / ● Dust collection filter / ● Exhaust filter /
  • English instruction manual – Included